Assessments and Analysis

Our Innovation Assessments help identify the innovation readiness of an organization against a detailed capability assessment and enterprise maturity map. We help create a powerful alignment around an innovation roadmap that focuses on benefits realization.

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Know your People

  • Archetypal analysis identifying cultural tendencies
  • Identify trailblazers and traditionalists
  • Discover bottlenecks
  • Find your Innovation Champions

Innovation Portfolio

  • Identify primary drivers of innovation
  • Align objectives across silos or business areas
  • Measure your innovation inclusiveness
  • Balance your strategy, approach and portfolio

Understand Networks

  • Hubs of activity or isolation
  • Information and knowledge networks
  • Enablers and inhibitors
  • Influencing factors behind collaboration
  • Deep learning network analytics


  • Leverage people and positions for better collaboration and results
  • Define innovation focus areas and needs
  • Customized reports and roadmaps